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Thank You List

We would like to thank the following people for their generous donations of time, money, and items. We hope to see this list continue grow.
Dr. Danette Alberton
Kim Balas Sarah Beth Barnett
Dr. John Barrasso
Gerri Bennett
Koyeli Bhowmick
Julianne Booth
Mr. and Mrs. Bouzis
Alice Bradley
Dr. Mike and Mitzi Bruno
Melissa Carpenter
Jolene, Mary and the Casper Nursing Department
Casper Star Tribune
Casper Surgical Center
Russ and Marge Christiansen
Kevin and Lori Christopherson
Susan Coleman
Ashley and Dana at Denton Fund
Josh Easton
Betsy Egeland at Zook, FC Outlet Store
Dr. Martin Ellbogen Sr.
Mike and Susan Evon at Douglas Motors
Andrea Falkenhagen
Kathy Fanto
Linda Fisher
Dr. Ron and Sue Gibson
Cindy Gilsczinski
Sonja Gossin
Dr. Michael Granum
Kay Herndon
The Home Depot
Ron and Denise Hoover
Vondi Howell at Skin Care by Vondi
Tom and Linda Kantor at Herbs by Design
Lila Kirkpatrick
Dr. Phil and Jamie Krumpotich
Bill and Jill Lawrence
Janet Mackenzie
Kodi Macki
Mary Mahafey
Michael McAvoy at Charleston AFB
Jim Morgan at JW Morgan Trucking
Mountain Sports
Dr. Robert and Terri Narotsky
Julie Neese
Katherine Nickodemus
Paul Osborn at Dover AFB
Susie Park and Shepard of the Valley
Tom and Cindy Patterson
Brandy Patterson
Brendi and Jon Pfeifer
Kay Phillips
Dr. Angelo and Lorena Santiago
Wyoming Air National Guard
Drs. Lane and Laura Smothers
Gary Stewart at Stewart Moving and Storage
Drs. Matt and Anita Stinson
Patrick Thompson at Rep. Barbara Cubinís office
Dr. James Thorpen
Dr. Tom and Tori Radosevich
RCS Rentals
Paul Rooy at RoyalAir Aviation of Daytona Beach, Florida
Micah Rush at The Peak Indoor Climbing Gym
Agnes Shriver
Sally Ann Shurmur
Dr. and Mrs. Don Thai
Dr. John Took
Unified Health Care
Sally Voris
Shirley Watson and the women at St. Vincent de Paul
Dr Brent Weinhandl
Gabe Williams
Nicole Willie
Kelly and Paul Wilson at Wonder
Dr. Todd and Nancy Witzeling
Joy Wogan
Morgan Wu
Donna Whyde
Wyoming Medical Center
Melanie Young
Lilly Zimmermann
In August and September of 2005, tragedy struck the Demel family when they lost their two sons. Even in their state of grief the generosity of the family came through. They requested that those wishing to send flowers or money instead donate to Isabellaís Little Miracles instead. We thank the family and those that sent donations.
Scott Allen Demel
December 26, 1975 - August 28, 2005
Duane S Stafford
Mary Wondra
William and Bonita Schremmer
BW Insurance
Michele Hitschmann
Roy and Pat Julius
Sidone and Lawrence Demel
Pery and Carrie Prosser
Rex and Geralynn Meek
Patrick and Constance French
Dr. Ron and Rita Iverson
R.L. and Jane Schreiber
Robert and Denise Schreiber
Benson Contruction Inc
Dr. Harlen Myers
Dorinda and Chris Boger
Sally Prosser
Stephen and Theresa Winship
Dennis and Dixie Demel
Tom Demel
Nicole Hitchmann
John and Janis Leslie
Jennifer, Robert and Arianna Latimer
Schon Andrew Demel
August 12, 1984 - September 6, 2005
Roy and Pat Julius
Bonnie and William Schremmer
Sue and Edgar Jacons
Dorinda and Chris Boger
Urban and Leann Oberle
RB and Anita Kain
Dixie and Dennis Demel
James and Susan Hoag
Sharon and Clarence Armbrister
Tina and Joe Hekele
Lawrence and Sidone Demel
Clyde Barella
Judy and Dennis Baker
Bob Chitwood
Benson Construction Inc.
Robert and Denise Schreiber
Rex and Geralynn Meek
Kenneth and Karen Demel
Paul and Susan Christman
Patrick and Constance French
Duane S. Stafford
Mary Wondra
Eleanor Prosser
Anna Dreiling
Nathan and Carolyn Lopez
Dr. Micheal Bruno

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