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The third shipment is ready for transport to Afghanistan. The shipment has 220 boxes, containing clothes, shoes, linen, household items and books. There are also 2 incubators, exam tables, Emergency Room beds, an operating room table and many smaller medical supplies included into this shipment. The shipment consists of 20 palettes, weighing about 18,000 lb.
February, 2006
Dr. Ron and Rita Iverson once again made the trip to southern Mexico to work with Dr. Ferrera. Dr. Ferrera is no longer working within the Red Cross clinic, which has closed. He had opened a new clinic near his home.
October, 2005
The second shipment to Afghanistan contained 242 boxes, each 4.5 cubic feet, with clothes, shoes, blankets, books and household items. Also shipped were 11 hospital beds, 2 gurneys and other hospital equipment. The shipment left for Warren Air Force base in Cheyenne on Aug.29, 2005 and arrived several weeks later in Bagram, Afghanistan. Dr. Foushanji picked up the donations and took them to Kabul. From there the items were distributed to the poor of Kabul and the province of Logar. The hospital beds and linen went to Logar, along with some clothing and shoes for the poor. Dr. Foushanji estimated that this shipment will keep anywhere from 550 to 600 families warm during the winter of 2005/2006.
August, 2005
The second shipment to Afghanistan has been packaged and sent. A special thank you to all those that helped with the loading of the shipment.
March - May, 2005
President Rita Iverson spent 6 weeks in Afgahnistan. While there, Dr. Foushanji was her guide as she traveled through Kabul, Mazar-E-Sharif, the province of Logar, and the Panjshir Valley. During her travels through the country she was able to meet with many people and better understand the needs of the country.
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Januray, 2005
Isabella's Little Miracle's became an official non-profit organization.
December, 2004
The shipment took approximately 6 weeks and arrived in Kabul on December 4, 2004. It would have been Isabella's 9th Birthday. Dr. Foushanji and other volunteers worked diligently to package all the donations into bundles to give to the needy.

President Rita Iverson and her husband, Dr. Ron Iverson, made the long trek to Chiapas, Mexico to visit the Red Cross Clinic run by Dr. Jesus Ferrera. They were able to see the room specially built for the incubator donated by Wyoming Medical Center for the infants in there area. They were able to help during the surgical procedures and learned about the needs of the community.
October, 2004
The first shipment of donations, 123 boxes and miscellaneous items, were taken to F.E. Warren Air Force base in Cheyenne destined for Kabul, Afghanistan.

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