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Jennifer and Isabella
Isabella Renae Kreszenzia Iverson was born December 4, 1995 to Jennifer Iverson. Her short but beautiful life has been the inspiration for Isabella’s Little Miracles. She was 5 ˝ years old when her life ended in a tragic drowning accident May 7, 2001.
In her life she was an inspiration to many. She always saw the best in people and was a kind and gentle soul. She loved her babies, the neighbors horse's, and her family. She was much older then her 5 years and could make you see the wonder of the world from her eyes.
Rita, Isabella, and Jennifer

Isabella at age 4
During last year of her life she helped her Grandmother, Rita Iverson, to gather and send packages to a needy family in Russia. She unselfishly packed her toys and clothes away in boxes saying that there was a little girl that didn’t have anything and she wanted her to have hers.
Bella’s hope was to grow up and help many children in other countries. Our mission is to fulfill that goal in her memory.

Isabella's gravestone

“It’s okay
It’s okay
To feel sad or angry
It’s okay to cry
I love you all
Just the way you are”
– Isabella Renae Kreszenzia Iverson
12/4/95 – 5/7/01

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